Saturday - Oct. 21

7AM - 9AM Breakfast Buffet*
Paradise Reef Restaurant

9AM - 10AM Car Line-up & Prep.
SSHR Marina parking area

10AM - 2PM Car Show and lunch*
SSHR Marina parking area


3PM - 4PM LCCI Annual Membership Meeting
Hotel Amphitheater

5PM - 6PM Happy Hour
Hotel Banquet Hall

6PM + GI 2023 Banquet*
Hotel Banquet Hall

*Food included with registration

On our last full day at GI 2023, we will begin with the included breakfast buffet before lining up our cars for guided direction into the parking area for the GI 2023 car show! The car show will be open to all attendees as well as the public, and voting will take place later in the afternoon. During the show, all GI Attendees will use the poker chips in their badges to redeem lunch at our food trucks. 

After the car show, LCCI is hosting their annual national meeting, open to all LCCI members in the hotel amphitheater. 

Finally, we will reconvene for our last happy hour in the banquet hall, followed by sit-down dinner, silent auction, and awards!