We are pleased to announce the award categories for Grand Invitational 2023!  Bring your favorite vehicles for the Saturday Car Show.  Voting will be electronic and will be open during the car show!

The best from 2010 to the present 

The best from 2000-2009 

The best from 1995-1999

The best from 1990-1994

The best from 1985-1989 

The best from 1980-1984

The best from 1975-1979 

The best from 1970-1974 

The best from 1965-1969 

The best from 1960-1964 

The best from 1950-1959 

The best pre 1950 

Best coupe 

Best four-door 

Best convertible 

Best carry-all 

(Station wagons, trucks, SUV’s, etc.) 

Best performance/muscle car

President’s choice 

Founder’s award - LCCI provided 

Advance Auto Sponsor Award

People’s Choice

Best ‘Car for the Coast’

Most fabulous interior

Best display  

Best electric/hybrid

Best rental car

Best foreign car

Best in Show - Classic (pre-1980)

Best in Show - Modern (1980+)