Personal Sponsorship

In recognition of Lambda Car Club International Grand Invitational’s 35th Anniversary, Houston is celebrating Cadillac’s 1988 Lineup with sponsorship opportunities for our members. 

Based on each nameplate, members will have the opportunity to donate in helping to financially host our first Grand Invitational here in Houston. From Cimarron to Allante, there is a level of luxury to fit every budget for donations. 

Each donor level will receive accolades and thanks in both our print and electronic presence leading up to and at the show. Members will receive special recognition for helping to make Houston’s GI 2023 a success! 

These gold key levels display the dedication to our car club, our event, and our community. We are looking forward to having members donate at every level to make our Grand Invitational the Cadillac of events! 

Donations can be mailed in or donated in person at any future event. Multiple donors can be made at any level. 

CCCC of Houston

P O Box 924793

Houston TX 77292-4793

Electronic donation capabilities: click here! 

Thank you donors!!!! 

Voyage - $2000+

The Dream Car and Future of Cadillac

Current Donors

Lee Higginbotham and Philip Wetmore x 3!

Bill Smith and Frank Wilson

Mike Austin

Corey Kemendo

Don Graff

Allanté - $1750

The Cadillac of Roadsters

Sedan and Coupe De Ville - $1500

America's Favorite Luxury Car

Current Donors

Edwin Kelly and Chanthankone Boungnasouk

Fleetwood D'Elegance and Sixty Special - $1250

Executive Class Cadillac

Current Donors

David Perez and Jerry Sherman

Eldorado - $1000

A Driver's Built Cadillac

Current Donors

Robert Scharf and Fernando Vela

Seville - $750

Cadillac's Ultimate American Luxury Sedan

Current Donors

Steve Winnett

Brougham - $500

Texas Built and as Big as the State!

Current Donors

Robert Ziegler in memory of Patrick Ball

John Sweney and Mike Stargel

Patty Irizarry and Kris Carlson

Kerry Garner

Cimarron - $250

Sporty and Value-Driven Cadillac

Current Donors

Steve Slaughter and Ron Bedford

Paul Sumrall and Mike Orsak

Marcus Montemayor

Gold Key Honorable Mentions

Generous acts on behalf of the event

Lee Higginbotham and Philip Wetmore: designed and donated award trophies

David Perez and Jerry Sherman: hosted Casino Night fundraiser, event shirts

Bill Hayden: donated event QR Code card and model cards for banquet

Don Graff: rented UHaul for Garage Sale fundraiser

Mike Austin: coordinated event advertising

Detroit Chapter: donated feather flag stands

Please fill out our contact form to inquire about sponsorship!